I’m particularly excited about these new rose introductions for 2017! Roses just keep getting better and better, more disease resistant, easy to maintain, and winter hardy.

The famous rose breeder David Austin has been working his craft for over five decades. He is known for his English Shrub Roses that combine the charm of the old roses with the repeat flowering of the modern types.

David Austin’s English Musk Roses are notable for the sheer perfection of their flowers. The next two new introductions listed below …look to be prime examples of this!

Tranquillity RosesTranquillity – Features beautifully formed creamy white flowers in the form of a rosette. They are very hardy with a light green apple fragrance. They grow upright and the name definitely fits…they truly are peaceful and serene looking.

This beauty would be suitable for a more formal, traditional rose garden or equally at home mixed in with other plants. Another great characteristic: this rose is almost completely thornless!

The Lark Ascending RoseThe Lark Ascending – Another vigorous variety from David Austin with very beautiful open semi-double flowers of light peachy-apricot. The light fragrance is described as varying from tea to myrrh.

It is very healthy and vigorous with tall, airy growth. Would make a gorgeous cut rose too. Lovely!

Sweet Spot CalypsoSweet Spot Calypso – This Anthony Tesselaar compact shrub rose comes from The Decorator Rose collection. Known for their kaleidoscope of colors, with masses of striking multi-colored blooms. This charmer will be the heart of your garden or patio. The colorful blooms are best described as pinkish red and yellow … with a pinky red spot in the center. Rich flowering with good disease resistance and drought tolerance. An eye-catching rose indeed!

DeeLish RoseDee-Lish – This beauty from Meilland International is a tall Hybrid Tea rose with an old fashioned flower and a very strong fragrance of verbena and citrus. It sports a large, deep pink non-fading bloom, plus makes for an excellent cut flower. This rose has been a multiple award winner in Europe for disease resistance and aesthetics. Certainly suits the name!

Mercury RisingMercury Rising – Star Roses new Mercury Rising is a seedling of the popular hybrid tea rose, Gemini. The coloration is quite similar, but this one is much more vigorous with a glossier foliage. Exquisite cream blooms, blushed with light pink and topped with raspberry red edges. Mercury Rising would make a perfect flower for cutting!

Doris Day FloribundaDoris Day Floribunda – Just like its namesake (actress, singer, and huge dog lover) this rose is cheery with a real star quality. Clusters of the bright, golden yellow blooms will shine in your garden. The strong fruity fragrance just wafts from the gently ruffled blooms.

Developed by Weeks Roses in California and with Doris’ approval, this floribunda rose is a true yellow, her absolute favorite color. Doris has a few of the early examples of this gorgeous rose in her own garden, and she reports they are growing vigorously. Que sera, sera, Whatever will be, will be…(sorry I couldn’t resist ; )

BougainFeelYaBougainFeelYa – From the Look-A-Likes series by Conard-Pyle & Star Roses this is a very interesting and unique rose. The appeal is in the mass effect of the blooms, not necessarily in the individual ones themselves. Dark red, five-petal flowers that look similar to bougainvillea (though it isn’t a climber like its namesake). The ‘Look-A-Likes’ series also includes roses that remind you of phlox and hydrangeas: Phloxy Baby and Hydrangealicious, respectively.

I’m sure any or all of these rose newcomers would be a welcome addition to your garden!

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