Planting Roses: Location Tips

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So you’re ready to plant roses and now comes the key decision …

Where is the best location for roses?

There are a few tips you should know, but the two most important factors are sun and water …

If your roses receive plenty of sun and are properly watered, they’ll have a great chance to flourish.

CG Rose Garden View

When choosing where to plant roses, here are the factors to consider:

Direct Sun

You’ll need to choose a location where your roses will receive about 6 hours of sunlight per day. If you live in a cool climate, afternoon sun is a better choice …

Conversely, if you live in a hot, humid climate, morning sun is preferable.


Make sure to plant your roses far enough apart so there is enough air movement to dry out morning dew and rain. If rain and dew aren’t able to dry, disease can result …

In general, you should plant your roses about three feet apart so they have breathing room.

Also, try to give them some protection from the wind. Usually, planting your roses along a wall, fence, or side of your home is best.

Trees And Shrubs

Do not plant your roses near large trees or shrubs, because they will compete for water and nutrients.

Also, if a tree or hedge grows too large, they may block out the sunlight your roses need to thrive.

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